Feb 20 2024

Hi, friend! Pleased to meet you.

Chances are, I’ve either directed you here, or you’ve been spelunking through my website, open-source projects, and talks: in which case, welcome! Take a look around, read through my principles (listed below 👇), and let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to working with you!


⌚ Hours

This list is continuously evolving, so keep checking back!

🗺 Location

I am currently based in beautiful Palo Alto, CA, near Stanford - and have mapped every coffee shop within a two mile radius. Let me know if you’re in the area, and let’s caffeinate! ☕

Previously, I’ve lived in:

…and I’m always up for traveling or exploring new locations. This, this, this, and this are my favorite places in the world.

📞 Contact

I am available via text message, email, and Twitter at all times - sans plane rides and sleeping hours. I will respond to all of the above within 5 minutes of receipt, if urgent. Always feel free to text me if you need something and I have given you my number.

My email response times are extremely right-skewed, and look a bit like this (x-axis = days):


📊 Bring data to opinion fights.

Folks who are adept at spotting opportunities to apply machine learning and automation to existing business processes will inherit the earth. That’s the only way to win: by bringing data to opinion fights; and making every decision data-driven.

🙋‍♀️ Relentlessly ask questions.

On a similar vein: the most effective engineers (and leaders) are curious humans — scientists, even if they don’t know it — and they’re always, always asking questions, formulating hypotheses, running experiments.

🗣 Communication is everything, especially in open-source.

If you can’t communicate your findings or collaborate with others, your career will be over before it begins. Science and engineering are team sports. Any successful open-source project will have a strong emphasis on communication, collaboration, empathy, and respect - not just engineering. A thread.

📈 Choose growth opportunities.

Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people… or find a different room.” Always choose an opportunity to learn, to grow new skills. Always.

👭 Nurture and build communities.

Communities are powerful, fragile things and must be nurtured over time. Be kind; have empathy; respect differing paces. Everything is about the community: making it collaborative, caring; a collective. A group of passionate people who care about each other’s success. If you can build this, you can build anything.

📃 If you don’t have documentation, you don’t have a minimum viable product.

Am so impressed by the level of care and effort each @docsmsft article, tutorial, quickstart, etc. receives before it’s pushed to production. It’s a commitment to empathy and respect: welcoming people at whatever level they are, and patiently helping them move up to the next level. Docs are a developer’s first impression of your product. Make them awesome.

🎁 Give without expecting a return.

Someone very wise once told me that throughout a career, you’ll meet people — and you’ll help, support, and encourage them, not even thinking about it. But those influences will change lives; and if you’re lucky, you’ll find out later.

🙏 Believe in people, not acronyms.

This year was the first time I’d ever heard the phrase PhD or GTFO, and I don’t believe I’ve ever been more nauseated. Acronyms don’t equate to worth, or industriousness, or character. Have met many brilliant folks without a degree; and PhD’s without creativity, empathy, or work ethic. I’ll choose the former, every time.

Rules of Engagement

I would be delighted to speak at your [meetup / event / conference], and I am definitely open to [writing a book / creating a course / creating videos or written content]! There are just a few items we need to address beforehand.

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